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Pioneers is meant to be an ongoing program in the QiSwap ecosystem. This will likely become a monthly event. When we originally announced Pioneers 2 in our January 22nd article, the rewards were based on the number of swaps in order to stress test QiSwap. We did say that the article was subject to change, and in the February 9th article we mentioned that liquidity provided was also a way to generate rewards. After Pioneers 2 ended, we released an article on April 2nd that stated liquidity provided was more weighted than simply making swaps.

While it makes more sense…

We will continue to publish our progress reports in TL;DR format. If we used paragraph format, the report would get too long. If you would like more information, please join our Telegram channel:

Before we get started, we want to emphasize that if you have not swapped your QIAIR for Qi, you have until April 15th to do so. After that date, we will permanently close the contract.


  • The Qtum/Qi and Qc/Qi liquidity pools have been added to QiSwap. It is now possible to fund these pools to start earning a portion of the trading fee.
  • Binance has…

Pioneers Program

We want to thank the early QiSwap Pioneers that have been a part of the community since the beginning. They have helped us with testing, reporting bugs and even provided liquidity before being rewarded the additional Qi rewards for LP’s. To highlight how vital this group has been to the early development of QiSwap, we have allocated 0.3% of total supply (3 000 000 Qi) that will be distributed into two different sub groups, namely Pioneers I and Pioneers II.

Pioneers I (expired) are the true OGs of the ecosystem, the users that claimed testnet tokens through the faucet and…


The QiSwap platform is a Decentralized Exchange deployed on the Qtum blockchain. It is essentially a set of smart contracts that exist as automated market makers in the crypto economy. These contracts are based on Uniswap. Because the overall crypto market fluctuates in price, and arbitrage opportunities arise; QiSwap’s liquidity pools are relevant simply because they exist. This document’s purpose is to explain how the Qi token affects the operation of the platform.

This article is the first in a series that will discuss the role of the Qi token. It’s not written to be the final version and…

There has been a lot of progress on the software development front and some business development. We are now at the point where most of the Qi governance tokens have been sent to exchanges. Over 24 million of the 30 million airdrop tokens have been distributed to participating exchanges, and a lot more have been claimed by individuals who possess the private keys to their own Qtum holdings. There will never be 30 million tokens fully claimed, as that would require 100% of the Qtum token holders to exchange using the audited swap contract, which will never happen simply due…

There’s a lot to discuss, and we find it works best if we do this in TL;DR format so as not to create long documents. Articles in this format also allow researchers who are keeping tabs on multiple projects to stay up-to-date with QiSwap without having to sift through large amounts of material.

QiSwap Core Contracts

  • We plan to deploy more liquidity pools shortly. Currently there is only the Qtum Beets liquidity pool, which represents Qtum/QC. This is also our first Nitro Pool, where 1 million Qtum is being staked and the rewards (the stake) is being airdropped into liquidity…

  • A few exchanges announced they would support the QiSwap airdrop. this list includes: BigONE, Binance,, Coinex, UpBit, Coinone, Bithumb, BiBox, OKex, and a few others.
  • An AMA was held in the Qtum telegram channel yesterday. The users online indicator said over 1000 people attended. The Tweet used as a ‘question board’ had over 256 questions on it prior to the event starting.


This article will be subject to continuous updates as long there are active incentive programs. This is the place to find the latest updates on supported exchanges and wallets, vital deadlines and so on.

If you see a suspicious link, or get approached by someone claiming to be from QiSwap, it is fraudulent. This article is the only full official source of information specifically for the QiSwap airdrop and Pioneers II program. No one associated with QiSwap will never ask for your private keys, or for anything of value.

If you are new to QiSwap and the QI token…

The QiSwap team has come to an agreement with to acquire a 1 year Filecoin mining contract worth over USD $100,000.00 in order to reward our liquidity providers. Participants who deposit wrapped Filecoin and Qtum in the “Qtum Locker” Nitro Pool will receive wrapped QRC20 Filecoins to their Qtum deposit address for a period of 1 year as the mining contract earns Filecoin. The start date will commence April 20th 2021.

This functionality is similar to the “Qtum Beets” Nitro Pool that stakes 1 million Qtum tokens and shares the stake with liquidity providers. The only required action is to deposit liquidity and wait for the rewards to arrive.

  • Secured over USD $3 million dollars of Qtum to be staked and shared with QiSwap liquidity providers: 1 Million Qtum Staked for QiSwap DEX | by QiSwap | Feb, 2021 | Medium
  • We have an AMA scheduled in the Qtum Telegram channel: Wednesday, Feb 10th 2pm GMT. There will be plenty of giveaways and we will publish an article about this soon.
  • We are working with multiple exchanges to support the airdrop. We will wait until they have announced it themselves in order to remain professional. Big.ONE announced on Twitter they will support QiSwap.
  • PR firm is working with…

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