QiSwap Pioneers III

2 min readJul 23, 2021


QiSwap is a decentralized exchange hosted on the Qtum blockchain. We found that no other project met all our requirements while remaining truly decentralized. Most notably, we were looking at speed, gas cost, and stability.

The Pioneers I program started as a test to see if the code would function properly on a test network, and participants were paid for doing a few transactions and trying to spot bugs. The Pioneers II program was a stress test in which participants effectively ‘wash traded’ trivial amounts of coins on the main network to prove that Qtum could handle the load.

Pioneers III is now ready to reward users who provide liquidity on our decentralized exchange.


Pioneers III will start August 1st, 2021. This means ‘weight’ is assigned to participants who provide liquidity at 12:01AM Pacific (Los Angeles) time. It will run until August 30th, 2021 at 11:59pm.

The applicable liquidity pools will be: Qtum/Qi & Qtum/Qc

Please use https://qiswap.com/en and the Qi chrome extension to access these pools. Remember to back up and secure your password and seed words.

Qc is a yuan-pegged stablecoin on the Qtum blockchain:


If you are already providing liquidity, you will be a participant. There is no need to do anything.

Users who provided liquidity up until August 1st, 2021 will not be rewarded retroactively.

The payout is based on how much liquidity you provide, and for how long. You will be assigned ‘weight’ every day, which you will be able to monitor on a frontend. This website will update once a day. If you decide that you would like to remove your liquidity early, you will retain your weight and be paid for the liquidity provided to the Qtum address you used to deposit liquidity.

The total amount paid will be 500,000 Qi tokens (500k) which will be delivered using a payout script. This script will be manually executed, not automatic, so it will not happen instantly after the event finishes.

Users who provide small or trivial amounts of liquidity will still be paid, even if the cost of gas in Qtum costs more than their reward. We will absorb that cost so even the people with small amounts of liquidity can participate.

If the program achieves what we hope it will, which is an increase in liquidity, we will proceed to host Pioneers IV.

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