2nd QiSwap Airdrop Incoming…

3 min readMay 18, 2021

The QiSwap team will never ask you to send them anything ever. Please understand that if you are contacted by anyone claiming to be from the QiSwap team, it is fraudulent.

If your Qi tokens are on an exchange and that exchange has not posted that they will support this airdrop, please withdraw them to the QiSwap web wallet or the Qtum QT Core with QRC20 support.

The QiSwap project is a QRC20 token that exists on the Qtum blockchain. Qi token holders will be eligible for an airdrop, starting at Qtum block height #924,270, which is estimated to happen around May 30th 12PM. KST. Please use the Qtum block explorer (linked below) to see the current Qtum block height. Any calendar dates provided in this document are estimates, it is the Qtum block height that matters.

This airdrop will be distributed at a 1:1 ratio, which means you will receive 1 Qi for each 1 Qi token you possess.

To speak with the QiSwap community, please join our Telegram channel:


To see the current Qtum block height, please visit the block explorer here:


QiSwap on CoinMarketCap:


We advise the community to keep their Qi tokens in the official QiSwap web wallet, or the Qtum QT Core official wallet. You will require a small amount of Qtum (for gas) to move your Qi tokens. We recommend sending 0.1 Qtum for gas, then send your Qi tokens and wait for the Qtum block height to reach #924,270,. Your airdropped Qi tokens should arrive after that block height, it may take a few hours as the airdrop script takes a while to execute. You can watch the progress on the block explorer while the airdrop is deploying.

Make sure if you use the Qtum QT Core wallet that you encrypt it with a strong password and back it up. If you use the QiSwap web wallet, write down the seed words and do not share them with anyone ever. The QiSwap team will never ask you to send them anything at all, no exceptions. If you are approached by someone claiming to be from QiSwap, it is guaranteed to be fraudulent.

To download the Qtum QT Core wallet, click here:


To use the QiSwap web wallet, visit this website:


Just a quick reminder that QiSwap is deployed on the Qtum blockchain, so the gas fee to move Qi tokens will be inexpensive.

We have not discussed this airdrop with any exchanges. If they do participate in this event, understand we cannot and will not assist you if there are distribution issues.

Qi will be distributed to any Qtum deposit addresses that already contain Qi tokens as a QRC20 deposit. This means you can keep your coins on the QiSwap web wallet or the Qtum QT wallet with QRC20 support and you will be eligible.

What do I need Qi tokens for?

Qi is the native governance token. There is planned functionality which can be researched in this document:


After the airdrop, our developers will focus on parts of the project that will allow you to benefit from Qi ownership:

Official Liquidity Pools on the QiSwap DEX will pay out Qi on top of the 0.3% swap fee.

Liquidity Providers who fund the Qtum/Qi “Qtum Beets” Nitro Pool will be eligible to share in the staked rewards that are created from the 1 million Qtum allocated to us for 1 year.

The Qi staking pool will be deployed shortly, allowing Qi holders to generate more Qi.

The planned “Pioneers III” program will pay Qi tokens to Liquidity Providers who fund the Qtum/Qi “Qtum Beets” Liquidity Pool. It will also pay rewards to users who perform swaps on this particular pool.

Please be sure to download a copy of this article for your records.