QiSwap Update: March 13th, 2021

There has been a lot of progress on the software development front and some business development. We are now at the point where most of the Qi governance tokens have been sent to exchanges. Over 24 million of the 30 million airdrop tokens have been distributed to participating exchanges, and a lot more have been claimed by individuals who possess the private keys to their own Qtum holdings. There will never be 30 million tokens fully claimed, as that would require 100% of the Qtum token holders to exchange using the audited swap contract, which will never happen simply due to Qtum wallet addresses being lost forever. If you have not received your airdrop tokens from your exchange, please deal with their support directly as there’s nothing the QiSwap team can do to assist.

Airdrop & Pioneers Updates

  • Very little work remains left to do for the airdrop. A few smaller exchanges have yet to request their Qi tokens from our team, but they are free to swap their QIAIR tokens for Qi any time. If you left your Qtum tokens on an exchange at the time of the airdrop and have not been credited Qi tokens, please contact the customer service at that exchange as there is nothing our team can do to assist you. Please keep in mind that every Qtum address with a balance was sent QIAIR tokens during the airdrop, and an audited swap contract was provided less than 48 hours after. This means it is highly unlikely for any exchange to state they have not received tokens from the airdrop.

Development Updates

  • The decimal issue users experienced with the Qi web wallet has been duplicated and fixed. We have submitted our changes and expect to see the update go public within a few days. This will make it more intuitive to interface with the liquidity pools.

Business Development & Marketing Updates

  • Most exchanges that participated in the airdrop have completed their testing regarding the airdrop. We have now moved on to the listing process for a few of them. Please keep in mind we could be denied a listing, as they make no guarantee that supporting our airdrop is a shortcut to being listed.