QiSwap Progress Report February 11th, 2021:

  • A few exchanges announced they would support the QiSwap airdrop. this list includes: BigONE, Binance, Gate.io, Coinex, UpBit, Coinone, Bithumb, BiBox, OKex, and a few others.
  • An AMA was held in the Qtum telegram channel yesterday. The users online indicator said over 1000 people attended. The Tweet used as a ‘question board’ had over 256 questions on it prior to the event starting.
  • The QiSwap Nitro Pool “Qtum Beets” will be online soon with 1 million Qtum being staked. At today’s rate, this pool is worth over USD 7 million dollars, and will stake (online or offline stake) and airdrop the rewards onto the Qtum/QC liquidity pool. If you keep an eye on the Qtum blockchain, you will likely start to see coins moving and staking begin. We might post a Qtum address for those who would like to watch the staking in real time.
  • The “Qtum Locker” Nitro Pool that will airdrop Filecoin for 1 year is being set up. This involves a Filecoin mining contract for 1 year with 6block.com expect to see this come online near the end of the month.
  • The QiSwap roadmap will be released soon, most likely between the airdrop and the Pioneers II program.
  • The Pioneers II program, which will airdrop a small percentage of the total QiSwap percentage will start February 21st, about a week after the large airdrop.
  • The QiSwap Economic Whitepaper and Governance documents are still being worked on. Please understand these are large complicated articles that require vast amounts of editing and planning.
  • A third Nitro Pool is being negotiated for QiSwap v1, and we hope to get this done ASAP.
  • We have been getting a lot of venture capitalists and other investment groups reaching out to us for “pre-sales” and other forms of early-bird incentives. Absolutely all of these groups were ignored or flat out rejected. If we do a token sale to raise capital, which we have the right to do, it will be held on an exchange and no one will be allowed to pre-purchase at a discount.
  • Our social media reach has basically doubled in the last 3 days, from 1k followers on Twitter and Telegram to 2k. Thank you for your interest.
  • Our marketing team works with a PR firm, they were responsible for getting those articles we posted on Twitter last week. We expect to keep sending out press releases to attract media attention.

Thank you for reading our articles. In the last month we have received over 45k Medium.com views, or about 1.5k a day. It’s humbling to see such interest in our work.


Changelog: Added OKex to the list of exchanges. Changed the amount of medium.com views to 45k from 30k in the last month.