QiSwap Progress: April 2nd

3 min readApr 3, 2021


We will continue to publish our progress reports in TL;DR format. If we used paragraph format, the report would get too long. If you would like more information, please join our Telegram channel:


Before we get started, we want to emphasize that if you have not swapped your QIAIR for Qi, you have until April 15th to do so. After that date, we will permanently close the contract.


  • The Qtum/Qi and Qc/Qi liquidity pools have been added to QiSwap. It is now possible to fund these pools to start earning a portion of the trading fee.
  • Binance has allowed Qi to be withdrawn from their exchange. You may now use the tokens to provide liquidity on our DEX. We are working on a Qi staking contract which will start emission of the token, where you lock up Qi to mint new Qi. To see the full Binance announcement, please visit this link: https://twitter.com/QiSwap/status/1377879482644709384
  • The Qtum team will lock up 100,000 (100k) Qtum tokens, worth over USD $1,000,000.00 (1 million) dollars in liquidity. The QiSwap team will send the appropriate amount of Qi tokens to the Qtum team, and they will fund the “Qtum Beets” Qtum/Qi liquidity pool. This should keep the slippage under control while we wait for liquidity from the community.


  • The Pioneers I script is complete and is being tested. The payout for this program will likely happen soon. It will be a simple ‘airdrop’ to all addresses that took part in the test network. There will be 1 million Qi tokens evenly distributed. The testing could have been done either by doing a swap or by providing liquidity on testnet before Dec 31st.
  • For Pioneers II, there are 2 million Qi tokens being distributed. This will be averaged out and sent to users who provided liquidity. It depends on how much was provided and for how long. People who provided ‘more’ for ‘longer time period’ will get a bigger share of the 2 million Qi rewards sent to the Qtum address they used to add liquidity to QiSwap. Participants who performed a basic swap will also receive a reward. Pioneers II started the moment QiSwap main net liquidity pool went live, until February 21st.
  • The Qtum team has informed us that they will develop a Janus implementation. This will allow QiSwap to make use of Metamask and not have to rely on our Chrome extension.
  • The API that will allow coin ranking sites like Coingecko and CoinMarketCap to provide more information about QiSwap will be implemented soon.
  • A clone of https://info.uniswap.org/ is being developed, which relies on the QiSwap API.
  • The payout script for the “Qtum Beets” Nitro Pool will be worked on shortly after the statistics page. This will allow liquidity providers in the Qtum/Qi pool to receive a share of the ‘stake’ produced by the 1 million Qtum being locked up for 1 year.
  • The greater QiSwap roadmap will be released later. It has been written but will require many companion documents. It has been approved by our development team but the release dates have not been estimated.
  • Some minor housekeeping issues will be worked on: Adding 25% 50% 75% 100% buttons to QiSwap for trading. Adding a description of the tokens traded on the QiSwap dashboard, some people did not know Qc was a Yuan-pegged stablecoin.


Every exchange that participated in the airdrop received their Qi tokens from us promptly. If you look at the block explorer, you will notice the big chunks of tokens got sent out weeks ago. If your tokens have no yet been distributed to your account, please get in touch with your exchange.

Exchange Listings

We have submitted listing applications to the exchanges that participated in the airdrop. They were very clear to our team and the community when they declared that participation in the airdrop is not a shortcut to a centralized exchange listing.

There was a listing a while ago that we did not notice from BIKI exchange. This has been added to CoinMarketCap