QiSwap Progress: April 2nd

We will continue to publish our progress reports in TL;DR format. If we used paragraph format, the report would get too long. If you would like more information, please join our Telegram channel:


Before we get started, we want to emphasize that if you have not swapped your QIAIR for Qi, you have until April 15th to do so. After that date, we will permanently close the contract.


  • The Qtum/Qi and Qc/Qi liquidity pools have been added to QiSwap. It is now possible to fund these pools to start earning a portion of the trading fee.


  • The Pioneers I script is complete and is being tested. The payout for this program will likely happen soon. It will be a simple ‘airdrop’ to all addresses that took part in the test network. There will be 1 million Qi tokens evenly distributed. The testing could have been done either by doing a swap or by providing liquidity on testnet before Dec 31st.


Every exchange that participated in the airdrop received their Qi tokens from us promptly. If you look at the block explorer, you will notice the big chunks of tokens got sent out weeks ago. If your tokens have no yet been distributed to your account, please get in touch with your exchange.

Exchange Listings

We have submitted listing applications to the exchanges that participated in the airdrop. They were very clear to our team and the community when they declared that participation in the airdrop is not a shortcut to a centralized exchange listing.

There was a listing a while ago that we did not notice from BIKI exchange. This has been added to CoinMarketCap



https://qiswap.com https://twitter.com/QiSwap

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