Pioneers I+II Recap

Pioneers Program

Pioneers I (expired) are the true OGs of the ecosystem, the users that claimed testnet tokens through the faucet and testet QiSwap on the testnet. The testing could have been done either by doing a swap or by providing liquidity on testnet before Dec 31st. Since the testing has been performed through the QiWallet, there will be a placeholder token airdropped to your QiWallet account.

Note: Since the testnet wallet is distinct from your mainnet wallet, you will have to recover your tokens through your seed phrase from the testnet wallet. A guide on how to do this will be published.

The Pioneer II (EVENT COMPLETE) program is designed to reward the users of the platform that either provide liquidity or make a swap on the QiSwap mainnet. This can be done until the new smart contract with the liquidity mining features is deployed which will occur after the airdrop and once it’s audited. The portion of the total supply that has been allocated to Pioneers II is 0.2% (2 000 000) Qi tokens.

We are very happy for all the good reactions to QiSwap and the coming launch of the QI-token. In the coming days, Qtum will host an AMA in their main channel (This has been completed): with us and we are of course as available as we possibly can in our own Telegram.

Pioneers III will be announced after the payouts are finished for I+II

Thank you, the community. Without you nothing of this would have been possible.

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